NerdBurger 185 - 1.21 Jugawatts

This week Larry returns to talk MASH(ED), football loopholes & cornflakes, more Samsplode, kitty fever, sack & jug mods, bad boss down, and a body-transplant update! Also, Craig reviews Raiders! and Larry tells us sons-a-bitches what else is on Netflix!

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This just in... cult backyard Raiders remake Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation is available on DVD and digital download!

Do you like M*A*S*H and RPGs? Go back MASHED on Kickstarter!

There are some very clever professional athletes playing football, and they should all go play in Green Bay. They should also all have their own cereal.

Jeez, now Samsung's own product divisions are copying each other.

Avoiding diseased cats prevents illness, according to obvious study in fluff article with shock headline.

One word: Scrotox.

Another word: Tattoobs. Although we prefer "tittoos".

World's meanest boss is dead. His aging body fired him.

Speaking of axing your own body, poor transplant guy still has his motorized wheelchair hitched to that Doctor Frankenstein-esque Italian neurosurgeon.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • A Bundle of Sticks and a Pack of Cigarettes
  • Cat Scat Fever
  • Tittoos
  • Kids on Fire