NerdBurger 186 - Tiny Tim Ape

This week Jim returns to talk football, computer nostalgia, replacement incendiary devices, Pokemon politics, Apple, & anger cars. Also, Jim tells us why he's a proud papa, why you should love the Iliad, & why Sammy Pepys was at the Cockpit 356 years ago!

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Neither Jim nor His Lordship. Also, frogs not apes.

Neither Jim nor His Lordship. Also, frogs not apes.

Bill Belichick: coach, cheater, destroyer of iPad-like devices. Go Buffalo!

How many Commodore 64s does it take to run a Polish auto shop?

Samsung's troubles have become so funny that they've come all the way around to being... nope, still super funny.

Meanwhile, Apple continues winning everywhere outside of the dark hearts of tech pundits and failed entrepreneurs.

Politics are so soured in Norwegian government that opposing party leaders play Pokemon Go while the other is talking. We wish we were them.

At least anger-powered cars would get those crazy self-driving ones off the roads, amirite?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Madden-ing Commentary
  • Full Time Tiny Tim
  • Take That, Tarantino!
  • Tom Brady's Beam of Light