NerdBurger 190 - Blue River Job

This week Mike's dad Tim returns to talk Samsung's very bad year, Zune 2, extra phone profits, vine on the line, laser farts, glass eyes, Florida Squirrel, and bizarre unclaimed baggage. Also, Tim shares more FaceTube updates and talks classic cars!

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What's next, Samsung?

Microsoft just released a bunch of interesting devices. This is not one of them.

Apple's share of smartphone profits is over 100% because everyone else is losing money.

Oh noes, Twitter is shutting down Vine! Or are they?

Patient's fart sets operating room on fire. Would be funny if she hadn't been burned.

Florida Man assaults hospital workers with his own glass eye.

Florida Squirrel attacks an old folks home. Not to be confused with NFL Squirrel.

You found WHAT?!?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hard Down on FaceTube
  • Italian Cowhide
  • Microphone Booger Guard