NerdBurger 191 - Gravely Obtuse

This week Lisa returns to talk Stranger Things, spine science, overhead bin horror, robots, precision grave digging, chimp fishing, and receipt robbers. Plus, just in time for the holiday shopping season, Lisa recites the Twelve Days of Dangerous Toys!

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Goonies-related stuntcasting in Stranger Things season 2. RUUUDYYYYYY!!!

Wireless spinal implants may enable the paralyzed to walk again soon. Hopefully they won't be hackably connected to the Internet.

"This is your flight attendant Trevor paging Samuel L. Jackson... Samuel L. Jackson, please report to row 18. Like, NOW!!!"

It's too late to ban killer robots. They'll just build themselves, or something.

Not a joke: Eastern European grave digging competition.

Chimps use "fishing rods" to "fish" for algae, report "scientists".

What's your favorite great German bank robbery movie? Oh, there aren't any? I wonder why...

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys... your 2016 inductees and runners-up at the Toy Hall of Fame.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hissnoodles on a Flying Machine
  • Magic Trick Funeral
  • Nostalgia and Death