NerdBurger 205 - Breathtaking Ignorance of Musical Genres

This week Josh returns to talk Archer, Pokemon no-Go, robots, SpaceX, Castlevania on Netflix, drive-thru bereavement, Nintendo, new old Weird Al, and Playboy. Plus, Josh reviews John Wick: Chapter 2 (no animals were hurt in the recording of this podcast).

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Archer season 8 is almost here... just say noir!

Milwaukee now requires a permit for using their parks in location-based smartphone games. No Pokemon Go for you!

Blistering radiation levels keep killing off robots at Japanese nuclear site. Fukushima you!

Ford's self-driving cars soon to be FDA approved as sleep aids. Wake up!

A SpaceX rocket cleared a launch pad at Cape Canaveral without blowing up. Tesla batteries on the other hand...

A Castlevania animated series debuts on Netflix later this year.

"Welcome to Funeral Hut, whose corpse are you here to see today? ...Thank you, drive thru."

Yes, you'll need an SD card for your new Nintendo Switch, but not for the NES Classic Mini because you can't buy one anymore.

Weird Al's Pac-Man will finally get a proper release later this year, but until then you're stuck with this.

Cap'n Hef, Jr. finally reverses course on the S.S. Playboy. Boobies ahoy!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Peg-Everything
  • Drive-thru Pyramid
  • A Lot to Unpack
  • John Wick's Dog
  • Force One: The Rogue Awakens