NerdBurger 215 - Cybershenanigans

This week Michael returns to talk X-Files, Star Wars & Indiana Jones, NASA, Oxford Comma update, antivirus fail, busted bull gear, and prison tech. Plus: Michael presents the best & worst pro wrestling promos, and Craig & Mike beg for money! #BEGOTHON

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Don't forget to visit the Beg-o-Thon page, and click things, and enter your credit card information, and type large numbers with lots of zeros, and... oh, why thank you!

Catch season 11 of The X-Files later this year (maybe), Star Wars Episode IX in about two years (or more), and the next Indiana Jones in 2020 (or while the star is still alive, hopefully).

Some of NASA's spacecraft technology wasn't much better than yours or mine in 1997, but crash landing one is still cool.

A court has ruled in favor of the Oxford comma, drivers at a Maine dairy company, and general decency.

According to this antivirus maker, Windows not only attracts viruses but comes with hundreds of them pre-installed!

What's wrong with KFFC? No, not KFC. There's nothing wrong with KFC, except maybe eating not enough of it.

Someone thought it was a good idea to let prisoners recycle computers. What's next, guns? Steel-cutting torches? How about a prescription drug take-back program? What could possibly go wrong?

Michael brought too many links to fit here, so this will have to do. Boom!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Oxford Comment
  • It's a Big Chicken
  • Calling Ando to Uber You
  • The Eyes Bulging Out Noise
  • Under the Radar
  • The Math Checks Out at Sacrifice