NerdBurger 214 - Use the Force, Lucy

This week Andy returns to talk high speed fiber, Netflix v sleep, beavers, the Deadwood movie, and batteries you can pee on! Also: Andy out-fences his HOA, Mike reads another Kevin Question, and the guys go back in time to discuss Rogue One. SPOILERS!

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Netflix blames recent slowing in growth on its viewers' need to sleep. "Amazon"? "YouTube"? Are you just making up words?

Canadian beaver herds cows, apologizes to rancher.

Atlanta metro beavers' dam demolished after local investigative reporter digs into tangled branches of collusion between the rodents and county wildlife management.

HBO has a finished script for the Deadwood movie. Hurry up and film it before anyone else dies!

If you pee on this battery it can change your smartphone, whether you have lupus or prostate cancer.

Larry the Bird.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Don't Berate the Beaver
  • It's Never Lupus
  • A Little Leia From Behind