NerdBurger 217 - Who Hurt You?

This week Curt returns to talk Echo, high school Stormtrooper, medical studies, tunneling, Diva Harvey, robots teaching robots, scattered-covered-and-bogeyed, Icelandic sheep cream, and dinosuars. Also: Kevin asks more questions, and the guys answer some!

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Alexa wants you to touch her, er... that is, the Echo. On it's new screen. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Wisconsin high school evacuated because of a Stormtrooper costume. A STAR WARS Stormtrooper. Costume. Jeez.

Study says: Memory loss is slowed for pot-smokin' oldies.

Twitter goes all Boaty McBoatface for Elon Musk's new tunneling machine.

The Steve Harvey memo is the queen of all memos.

MIT is teaching robots how to teach other robots. So, Skynet starts on the East Coast in this alternate universe. OK.

Ocean borrows Irish beach, returns after 33 years. Be sure to click through to watch the accompanying video, "Two Dogs, a Girl, and a Drone".

Seriously people, just get your hash browns at Waffle House where the carnival act is in the booth next to you instead of your stomach.

It's stories like this that make you wonder who was the first person to think of rubbing sheep's placenta on their face?

Craig is still waiting for the fully fossilized dinosaur with feathers to show up, but the rest of us can enjoy this little guy now.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Round Hump Above the Stick
  • Dot Girth
  • Mouse Hippo
  • The Irish Eat What?