NerdBurger 231 - A Loose End

This week Matt from Mirror Box Games joins the guys to celebrate the Kickstarter launch for his game The King's Guild, and to talk Obi-Wan, Game of Thrones, giant breakfasts & vending machines, Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition, and a Kevin Question!

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The King's Guild Kickstarter...

...has been fully funded after only 5 HOURS! NerdBurger prediction: EXCEEDED!

They've nearly doubled their funding goal in under 24 hours, so go there now for the Early Supporter price and help them hit their last Stretch Goal!


Disney is probably maybe starting work on an Obi-Wan movie.

HBO leaked episode 6 of this season's Game of Thrones all by themselves after hackers uploaded episode 5, so that means this week they'll broadcast the finale in 30 second chunks during every commercial break on every channel? Because that's the next step right?

And if you still can't get enough GoT, there are four prequel spinoffs in the works probably maybe.

Grab your Lipitor and a plane ticket, 'cause there's a giant Belgian breakfast-something that need eatin'.

Seriously, scientists: stop trying to create Skynet.

Stupid wealthy hipsters in Singapore: (Hipster 1) "Gee, I really could go for a nice shiny Lamborghini right about now." (Hipster 2) "Hold my avocado..."

And Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition is available for pre-order. After you've backed The King's Guild, of course.


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Omelette Rake
  • Exotic Manilow
  • Stabby McClownface