NerdBurger 232 - Not That Large

This week Josh returns to talk Black Mirror on Netflix, Stephen King & Skarsgårds, video game news from Gamescom, and Samsung behind bars. Also: Josh reviews his Nintendo Switch, and Mike forks Kevin with some river facts!

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Black Mirror season 4 is coming later this on Netflix.

Are you afraid of clowns? You'll want to wait to see It with everyone else, then.

Germany's Gamescon saw a release date for Jurassic World Evolution and a Hellboy teaser for Injustice 2.

And you thought Samsung was the only baddie in South Korea...

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • No Promises, Many Disappointments, No Kidding!
  • GruntleBurger
  • Epic Fail, LOLZ
  • RiverBurger
  • Who Ya Killin', Whatcha Takin'?