NerdBurger 241 - Wombat Dice

This week Craig and Mike get their own theme song and talk 3D printing, cubic crap, Oklahoma Man, space maps, graveyards, & hotels, and Amazon Key. Also: Craig quizzes Mike on famously misquoted movie lines, and another Kevin question gets answered!

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This week on How It's Made...

This week on How It's Made...

Tulips, windmills, wooden shoes, and 3-D printed bridges!

Everything you ever wanted to know about all-natural sustainable Eco Dice... er, I mean... Wombat turds, and how they're made.

Well thank goodness he wasn’t fully clothed and covered in Vaseline.

It's... Google Maps in spaaaaaaaaace!

Where does all that space junk go if no one grabs it?

Want your "spcae junk" grabbed? It could happen at the bouncy-house lunar space hotel.

Amazon Key: it's that thing you'll never get after the first adopters are robbed blind!

And As Heard on NerdBurger™, it's all the famous movie lines you've (possibly) been misquoting!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Inspaceable Hate Flotel
  • Pentag-anal Training
  • Silence of the Godfather