NerdBurger 240 - Number One: Surf 'n' Turf

This week Curt returns to talk tortoise, South Park, KFC Twitter, Popeyes resale, luxury bagels, and word nerdery. Plus: Craig shares the best & worst Halloween candy, Curt lists all the more famous Craigs & Mikes, and the guys answer a Kevin Question!

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Whenever you're in St. Helena, be sure to visit the gay tortoises. Tortoi? Torteesie?

Smug cheating bitch!

Here are the eleven Herbs and Spices followed by KFC's Twitter account.

Buy that chicken from Popeyes… and sell it as your own!

What is THIS horse shit?!?

We're not sure exactly where the $1000 bagel lands in the Halloween candy rankings, but it's probably pretty high.

Wordage, er, word age. Also, word meanings.

And here are the top however-many famous people named Michael, Craig, and Curt!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Episode Too Farty
  • Lwaxana Baiul
  • Halloween Candies, Foods, and Precious Metals
  • String Cheese Bikini