NerdBurger 252 - Go See The Last Jedi First!

This week Ray returns to talk The 'Burbs, snake-bots, prison Viagra, self-pumping, and Quaaludes, before discussing that other Rey and all of her friends who may or may not be alive at the end of The Last Jedi! *SPOILERS ahead for everything Star Wars*

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Japan, a giant reptile robot, and nuclear radiation. What could go wrong?

91 hours?!? That's a long erection.

A new law is allowing Oregon drivers to pump their own gas, but they're insulted and afraid, and the Internet is ROTFL.

Moviegoers may be divided on The Last Jedi, but everyone is disappointed in AMC Theaters.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • A Guy in a Suit in a Suit
  • Oklahoma Penis
  • Twelve Parsecs of Gray
  • Big Breasted Space Manatees
  • Trooper-Fan