NerdBurger 251 - Show Shtick

This week Dave returns to talk X-Files, uncanny Battle Angel, disappointing military tech, Jeopardy jerks, rich filthy water, and malaphors. Also: Dave hosts another installment of "One of These is Fake, Go!" and helps answer another Kevin Question!

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Gillian Anderson is done playing Dana Scully, and Chris Carter is just fine continuing The X-Files without her. Except when he isn't.

Uncanny eyes in the valley.

Not a Helicarrier. Not really even an aircraft carrier. It does fly, though. Because it's an airplane.

Spelling is important. So is pronunciation. And sentence fragments.

Why are we warning hippy hipsters not to drink disease-riddled water? We're not. We're just warning you :)

Making up a new word? It's not rocket surgery!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Fourth Symbiosis
  • Guest Dave Bingo
  • DJs and Podcasters
  • McCarthyite
  • Fuh-O, Fah-Q!