NerdBurger 254 - Shortcakes and Longcakes

This week Matthew returns with spawn Anna to talk supercontinents, tractor beams, super bloody moons, fast food vigil, the real Rosie, and fun with medical supplies. Also: Anna plays D&D, Matthew drones on about racing, and a Kevin Question & Anna Answer!

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Beady eyes and flappy heads of Northeastern Australians explained by plate tectonics.

Acoustic tractor beam "sounds" like science fiction but will actually lift your balls.

Did you see the #SuperBlueBloodMoon this morning? Oh well, it's probably on YouTube.

A moment of silence for a burned-down Taco Bell is possible because nobody was able to order a bean burrito.

RIP, Rosie.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Bariatric La-Z-Boy
  • Strata-Geo-Rock-Thingies
  • The Most Important of All the Cargos
  • Touché-Bag
  • Twisted Sex Doll
  • Untwisted Regular Doll
  • Worxcited