NerdBurger 266 - Mixed Up with the Stick Bugs

This week Jim returns to talk celebrity deaths, forest bathing, Indiana Jones kid, and Eventbrite in your house. Also: Jim reviews the Weird Al show, wants to play John Company, stays out all night with Sammy Pepys, and answers a Kevin Question!

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RIP Harry Anderson, Verne Troyer, and R. Lee Ermey.

@scabbybeaver reminds all you kids again to go get your junk checked, in case you've got the Super-Gonorrhoea.

The dirty hippie jokes are just too easy with this one.

Is there an Indiana in Germany, cuz Indiana Malaschnitschenko has a nice ring to it.

So you think you can run the British East India Company better than Johnathan Pryce?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Lousy with Kilts
  • Grabbed, Kissed, and Dipped
  • Peddling Balloon Juice
  • Recorded, In the Toilet, With an Accordian