NerdBurger 274 - The Old and Well-Marbled

This week Curt returns to talk lava drones, GoT, IHOb, crayfish, snake head, clarinet hacker, TV reboots, Father's Day cheesehead, and CRISPR cancer. Plus: the guys discuss cannibalism, Curt plans his summer vacation, and Kevin asks more questions!

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Not people. Probably.

Not people. Probably.

Fighting lava with technology!

The Game of Thrones prequel gets a pilot.

IHOb gets dragged on Twitter.

Crayfish pulls a coyote.

Rattlesnake head does NOT get a body transplant.

Ex-girlfriend blows clarinet player's... career up.


A happy Father's Day anyway to the guy who got a giant cheese head that he can't eat.

If you get CRISPR, you could also get CANCR. Um... duh!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Craig's Dead Heart
  • The Other Mustache
  • Oprah Does NOT Give You Cancer
  • For Food and Jello