NerdBurger 275 - Working in Millimeters

This week Jim returns to dial up some ridicule and talk robot hugs & radio voices and Waterloo models with & without Prussians. Also: Jim wonders why Solo bombed at the box office, reads some Scrofulent Sammy Pepys, and tolerates another Kevin Question!

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And As Heard On NerdBurger™, here's Fireman Han!

And, As Also Heard On NerdBurger™, it's Barry Bostwick in Megaforce!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Jamie Lee Constipated
  • Cow-Hugging Job Stealers
  • The Prussians are Coming
  • Mohawks and Burn Barrels
  • Slave I Chocolate Bar
  • Seventeen Minutes of Back to the Future