NerdBurger 285 - Corey Feldman and The Skrillex

This week Ray returns to talk Veronica Mars on Hulu, BTTF3 at the drive-in, hybrid super snakes, Lego-versary, bowling, and the demise of TSR. Plus: Celebrity doppelgangers, Ray climbs out of the Facebook hole, and a Kevin Question about air travel!

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Which one is which?!?

Which one is which?!?

Hot Kristen Bell action! Veronica Mars and Eleanor Shellstrop!

Head back to 1885 this weekend by driving to a movie in the middle of nowhere.

Hybrid super snakes are all coiled and ready to constrict you. Or pythonate you. Whichever.

No Rolling Stone link, because that top ten list sucked.

Happy 40th, old fig.

TSR nearly crit-fumbled D&D into oblivion.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Buck Wilde and Danson Van Der Cheers

  • Facebook Hole

  • BowlBurger