NerdBurger 299 - Must Be Krampus

This week Curt returns to talk old Mikes & new mics, passing plastic, pissed peacock, wombat workings, wrecked raccoons, and experimental Emmental. Also: Curt explains the best but mostly worst Christmas music ever, and answers another Forty-Six Question!

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Why isn’t everyone’s poop like Legos? Maybe it should be

Introducing the Resplendent King of the Turkeys.

Wombats play with their “Legos”, and now we know how they’re made.

You can bet that Eagleton dumps all of their fermented crabapples over the fence.

Cheesy music has a new meaning.

Christmas music is not just bad, it’s bad for you!

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Peacock Rumspringa

  • Heavy Metal Thunder Cheese

  • Saruman The Metal

  • Nibbler’s Nibblet