NerdBurger 300 - An Abrupt Ending

This week Larry returns to celebrate and talk Office Space, Bluesy & Pulpy cocktails, D20 election, earthquakes, "robots", and bad eye surgery. Plus: Larry discusses The Good Place (SPOLIERS!) & plays against Mike in a couple rounds of The Good Gameshow!

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Not a girl. Or a robot.

Not a girl. Or a robot.

A different kind of roll call at board of commissioners meeting.

The earth is a douche.

The robot’s name is Villi Manilli.

Just wear glasses, they’re really not that bad.

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • QuoteBurger

  • Three Hundred Orange Whips

  • Vote for Larry!

  • Escape to Douche Mountain

  • Portable Door Frame

  • Bell Control to Major Larry

  • Three Hundred Something