NerdBurger 317 - Receiving Reverence and Senior Discounts

This week Jim returns to talk Capers Noir, poacher justice, LinkedIn, social credit system, and Smokin' Jay. Also: Jim covers the big Tyler Dunne article, takes the family to Culver's, visits Sammy's haunted bedroom, and gets a call from a new friend!

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Not Jim.

Not Jim.

Finally, LinkedIn will be engaging.

Try new Purina Lion Chow, now with even more real poacher meat!

Try to gain all the social credit you can now, before the AI-controlled cockroachalypse happens.

Smokin’ Jay is now Sucking’ Jay. In more ways.

Got a few minutes? The, as Jim says, War and Peace sized Tyler Dunne article.

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Through the Lookin’ Tube

  • All About Poacher Trampling

  • Yelp for People

  • Thirty Years of Turd

  • Bowling with Pepys

  • Are These Spheres Yours or Thine?