NerdBurger 320 - Game of Sleepovers

This week Ray returns to talk dead celebrity Wookie, Tumblring, Folding up a teardown, and fantastic AirPod voyage. Plus: Craig explains that we're all too old for this shenaniganry, and Ray reviews this season of Game of Thrones so far (SPOILERS!).

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RIP, Chewy.

Will they change the name to Tumble Her?

Even iFixit’s Galaxy Fold teardown is on hiatus, just like the phone!

Beavis needs some AirPods for his bunghole. Bung-holio…

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Too Old for this Shamalamadingdong

  • Struggling with the Oldiness

  • Humanoid Resources

  • Aping Leia

  • Headless Ned and The Cleganes

  • Putting a Lien on the Golden Army