NerdBurger 329 - Sheboygan Toilet Clogger

This week Jim returns to talk the future of smoking, celebrity death foursome, and flat earth futbol. Also: Jim cracks the case of Water Bottle v Water Closet, Sammy Pepys goes to the Opera, and Kevin asks a Question with legs!

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Three for the road… RIP Max Wright, Arte Johnson, Billy Drago, and Mad Magazine.

And the Spaniard kicks the ball, and it’s… over the ice wall! GOOOOOOAAAALLL!!!

And As Heard On NerdBurger™ via Jim, it’s the Sheboygan Toilet Clogger!

AND… it’s Sammy Pepys from 2 July 1661!

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Great Lakes Dragaway and Vape Shop

  • Spicy and Seasoned

  • Andy Kaufman’s Flat Earth Emporium

  • The Sheboyganing

  • So Much Unpacking

  • Boo John Downes, No Eunuch Throat Singing Here

  • What Leaches Do

  • The Angel on Your Shoulder

  • Proper Wiping Technique