NerdBurger 335 - SuperBalls Over Manhattan

This week Kevin joins the show via the World Wide Phone to talk technology through the ages, cash recycling, poopiversary, Donations Not Anonymous, and water bears in space. Plus: Kevin asks about state nicknames and answers last week's Larry Question!

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Everybody knows that the proper place to keep your fat stacks is in a storage unit, on a tarp, that you periodically spray for silverfish. Right, Skyler?

I didn’t know Dave Matthews was such a Weird Al fan, but this is an odd way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of UHF… (more on that next week)

If Brazilians only pooped every other day, that would still be like 500 Mazillion poops.

Vince Vaughn ain’t got nothin’ on this fertility clinic doctor.

If you thought water bears were cute before, just wait until you see them jumping around in one-sixth gravity!

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Get Off My Lawn Burger

  • Poopiversary

  • Listener in the Sun

  • Vern Shirley, Violent Femmes Enthusiast

  • I’m Sure it was an Austin Powers Movie