NerdBurger 336 - Word Burger Polka

This week Ando returns as an honorary cohost to talk MiB agents, novelty vodka, Lego Friends, Star Trek, word nerdery, and Right Said Fred! Also: Ando updates us on his music & the SoaDP podcast, and leads a 30th anniversary nerd-out over Weird Al's UHF!

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Happy birthday, Ando!

Happy birthday, Ando!

Try this new Chernobyl vodka. It’s got a real kick to it. And now you do too, with that fancy third foot!

1070 pieces will be there for you, when the rain starts to fall.

RIP Barbara March, aka: Lursa Duras.

And As Heard On WordBurger™, it’s some website’s not-necessarily-top ten things about UHF!

This week’s alternate episode titles were:

  • Excess Murder Capacity

  • Equal Parts Sexy and Horrifying

  • Feud Poisoning