NerdBurger 011 - Steam Torture Monthly

This week Craig and Mike welcome guest J.D. to discuss Craig's latest project, getting older, getting dumber, and Lazy Terrorist News. Also Rocky Horror, school theater, and Ren Faire memories. Plus porn! (Nothing bad, more of a side topic really. Relax.)

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Check out Craig's latest article in Dungeon here. And by "check out" we mean "buy".

Minus IQ. It makes you dumber.

What happens when Office Space meets Al Qaeda?!? Moktar BelMoktar, that's what.


Thou shalt click hither to visiteth thine Bristol Renaissance Faire web-parchment. Or something. Also, check out these awesome photos of Craig as a Mexican Zombie and Rupert Friddle. Pimp.

And here is Patton Oswalt's bit on porn. Just substitute "website" for "magazine" and it'll bring everything up to date.