NerdBurger 012 - Put Your Energy in My Mouth

Craig and Mike are joined by guest Adrian to talk about Glassholes, Springfield & Community in the news, play "Who Says What Where", discuss computer security, and reminisce about the vampires we know. Plus, more sweet tunes from The Record Company!

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No Glassholes allowed in Google's boardroom. Just regular assholes.


So it turns out Springfield was in Florida all along.

americas wang.jpg

From the hit gameshow sensation "Who Says What Where", here are some maps with pretty colors. Don't bother playing... Craig wins.

And check out the full survey here to see all the questions, with results by city.


Notice a certain something missing from Community this last season? You weren't alone. The douchebag executives at NBC climbed up out of their own butts long enough to stumble ass backwards into an intelligent decision.

Greendale e pluribus anus.jpg

And speaking of Dan Harmon, here's the Dead Alewives D&D bit we discussed on the show. Roll the dice to see if you're getting drunk.

Mini-V the black midget vampire and his warpig both love them some Record Company. And we do too! Check out their video for "This Crooked City".

This week's alternate episode title was:

  • Degrees of Necrophilia