NerdBurger 021 - Snarknado

This week the guys record a special post-Sharknado viewing critique of SyFy's latest schlockfest, discuss what's for dinner, and peruse the Gary Busey Soundboard. Plus, Craig reads from a book!

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We watched Sharknado. Yes, the buzz is kinda over. And yes, LAST week was Shark Week. Jeez. Can't freakin' please anybody...

Somebody needs to make a creepy Chatty Gary doll (with dead black eyes) using this Gary Busey Soundboard. It would be awesome and I would run right out and never buy one.

Check out Oddity Mall for geeky stuff we would consider purchasing. Like some dinosaur corn cob holders, or a ramen bowl iPhone dock, or... ooooh, a hidden tampon flask! Wait, WHAT?!?

Read ahead class, and see if you can learn something before we do (totally possible)!


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Steve Sanders' Shark Shack
  • Thai One On
  • I'm Playing My Head
  • With Apologies to Tara Reid's Fan