NerdBurger 043 - A Gray, a Reptilian, and a Nordic Walk into a Bar

Joey and Ray join the guys to talk TV in the 21st Century, what's up with that Admiral Motti, playing card math, exoplanets and the aliens that may or may not inhabit them, and learn all about Joey's Kickstarter game Chaosmos!

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Network TV slowly bring dragged kicking and screaming into the Internet Age.

Why did Admiral Motti give Darth Vader lip in Star Wars: A New Hope? Surely, he knew Vader was a badass.

Is this the link to the card shuffling math fact? There's a chance.

We're searching for habitable planets all throughout the galaxy. If we find aliens living on one, will they want to eat us, have sex with us, or destroy us? I'm sure someone can invent a medical disorder that is caused by worrying over that question...

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This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • That's a Big Number
  • Exoplanetarium