NerdBurger 047 - 17 Intelligence, 7 Wisdom

In this episode Dave pulls up in his sweet new ride to sing his own theme, dress up some Glassholes, talk astronomy & demons, guess the best dinosaur, check in with King of the Nerds, and confuse us all with the bizarre business of Bronies.

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Ed. note: This episode is the earliest ever posted (12:01 AM) because MUTHAFUCKIN' ICE!!!

Hey Glassholes, you can now be fractionally less a-holey. Only $1755!!!

Windows 8.1 update makes it even more like Windows 7. It's like time travel!

More Mike is never a Bad thing.

Star Wars is "space fantasy", but science nonetheless.

Demons. Think that's nuts? Just wait...

Who's the bestest comedian dinosaur expert of them all? He's in that video over there.

And you probably want to read more about it in the same sense that you can't help slowing down while driving past a nasty car wreck, so here ya go!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Apey-ray and Uffy-snay
  • The Whole Bit and Bridle