NerdBurger 058 - Everyone's a Winner

Craig and Mike welcome guest Bill to talk about the weather, streaming TV, exhuming ET, Geraldo, the Flash Gordon remake, House of Lies, and IT consulting. Also, Bill and Craig face off in an epic battle of "Myth or Fact: Psychology Edition"!

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This article about tornadoes and trailer parks seems in poor taste after this week...

Partly sunny or partly cloudy? Neither!

Amazon Prime just got a little better. Maybe not $20 better, but a little better.

So, sticking with Netflix then? Try Netflix Roulette and introduce a little chance in your streaming enjoyment.

Would you like fries with that? Heh-heh.

A documentary crew plans to dig up all those ET game cartridges… UPDATE: Found.

Aaand… now they're remaking Flash Gordon because everyone has run out of original ideas.

Psychology myths and facts, just like on the show!

And that Marilu Henner memory thing is called Autobiographical Memory, or Hyperthymesia.

All the keys work!

All the keys work!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • It Didn't Give Me The U-Verse
  • Banananananananana
  • No One Has Genital Retraction Syndrome