NerdBurger 059 - The R-Word

Ando returns to talk Star Wars, Sharknado, ET the game, Glassholes among us, advice column pwnage, listen to Ian McKellen rap and Craig techno beatbox, check the nerd map, review conspiracy theories, invite everyone to AndoCon, and defend Avril Lavigne…!?

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Get your AndoCon tickets HERE! Hurry, it's June 13th - 15th. Come see everyone you hear in this episode!

In case you've been living under a rock, consider NerdBurger your own personal Yoda who lifts it up for you using nothing but the Force (and the intarwebs).

Project Greenlight is returning to fill Hollywood full of more contest winners!

Quick... is Abe Vigoda dead or alive?!?

Speaking of greenlights and sharks (wait, we didn't say anything about sharks...)!

So, apparently this happened.

Pissed off about Comixology? Wondering what exactly is Comixology? Read on.

We can learn two things from this letter to Miss Lonelyhearts: 1. The writer doesn't know how Americans spell "checking", and 2. Miss Lonelyhearts hasn't seen Breaking Bad yet.

Wow, Ian McKellen's plastic surgery must have cost a fortune.

Do you live in Nerd Heaven/Paradise/'Vana, or Nerd Hell?

Time Magazine's "complete" list of Conspiracy Theories. Conveniently for the person who creates Time's online slideshows, there are exactly ten conspiracy theories in all of recorded history. No more! If it isn't on this list, it doesn't count dammit!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • That's Racist
  • Nice Miming