NerdBurger 062 - I Bought You Tickets

On this week's episode Jim joins the boys to talk Gen Con signups, guarding the Santa Maria, Transylvanian real estate & ancient Egyptian D&D, have fun with secondary languages and made-up words, and Jim schools everyone on war simulation games.

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Lost: One very old wooden boat. Can't remember where we tied it up. Full of blankets containing Smallpox. If whereabouts are known, please send carrier pigeon to...

For sale: One very large stone castle, located in a sanguine neighborhood with a lot of history! Submit offers on spikes outside.

Found: One 20-sided dice. The kind those damn kids use to play that Dungeons and Hobbits game. No numbers, just weird symbols carved into it. Looks satanic… on second thought, don't call me. And stay off my lawn!

Lost: One whole language, soon.

All the US language maps you'll ever want to see.

All the Wisconsin language maps you'll never want to see.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Doing the Craig
  • Slavering Horde of Douchebags in the Mist