NerdBurger 076 - Not Live From Dragon Con

This week Craig and Mike take the last day of Dragon Con off to listen to what they recorded, and then record THAT for you. Additional topics include hacked celebrity selfie porn, the Emmys, moving rocks, and just what the hell is Hello Kitty anyway?

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Special thanks to our Cosplay guests Richard, Mia (& friends), Chris, Shelby, and Ted (&family) for taking time out of their day to talk to us nerds.

Thanks also to Dave and Jason for letting us play their games, and to the other players for putting up with our schtick. And go visit one of those patient gentlemen at the much more successful Disasterpiece Theatre podcast!

Thanks also to Jason and Rob for letting us bump into them repeatedly, Charles for feeding and entertaining us, and Alison for being our weekend shuttle service.


Breaking news from Hollywood: celebrities shun common sense for cheap thrills; cheap thrills multiply across the land.

The Primetime Emmys: the best thing you'll have seen on NBC all year.

Cord cutting just got a little less expensive.

Hello... cartoon person?

Everyone is getting more stupider.

Are the wandering stones of Death Valley caused by some little understood paranormal phenomenon? No silly, it's just wind and ice.

In other words, HBO, you can start paying attention to Netflix now.

Oh crap, we all took the blue pill.

The Internet is tubes.

The Internet is tubes.

This week's alternate episode title was:

  • Doing The Good Wife