NerdBurger 104 - Confusingly Large

Andy returns to cap off year two and talk Kickstarters, Pi Day, Terry Pratchett, meth labs in Muncie, the coming glut of Ghostbusters, flying pizza, Prommunism, Apple, & The Mountain's new record. Also, the guys play Craig's new game show "I Was In..."!

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Check out guest Rob One's Kickstarter for his RPG Shadow of the Demon Lord, already funded and almost halfway through thirteen strecth goals!

Our guest Dave's Kickstarter for his game Addictive Alchemy is now not only LIVE, it's FUNDED, and the first stretch goal HAS BEEN REACHED! So go back it like we did and help everyone get to the next stretch goal!!!

Can't stop backing Kickstarters, or wait for USB-C? Here's an adapter that makes your existing USB cables omni-directional. No more frustrating wrist-twists wasting precious seconds of your life!

Hey, we recorded this on Pi Day. Had we planned ahead we could have recorded a FoodBlog episode featuring actual pie. Instead you get to listen to us talk about math, without food in our mouths. Go, you!

RIP, Sir Terry Pratchett.

Surprised this functioning backpack meth lab was found in an Indiana Walmart? Neither were we.

The Ghostbusters universe is about to get as big as Stay Puft.

Stop throwing pizzas on the house from Breaking Bad. Especially on Pi Day.

Speaking of Albuquerque, these high school students thought Communism was something fun. Maybe a student exchange program with North Korea is in order...

Thought those fancy Apple Watch promo videos were just eye candy? This guy explains what you don't know you're seeing.

The headline of substance coming out of the Apple event could save your life one day. It will probably do so in a magical and personal way, involving something made out of aluminium.

HBO has finally announced their "Now" streaming service, exclusive to Apple for the period of time it will take most people to decide if they want it.

The guy who GOT's The Mountain (currently) is a bad ass. Bad. Ass.

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • iStrapon
  • Steadispoon