NerdBurger 112 - Instant Brimley

This week Josh returns to talk X-Files news, funny holograms, Pizza Hut hostages, McDonald's, improper medical waste disposal, SPIDERS!, Boba Fett's new movie, Nintendo, & all the latest happenings in gaming. Plus, Mike nerdburgers us on head transplants!

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Is Robert Patrick out as Agent Doggett in the new X-Files, or just negotiating from a position of strength? You decide. In either case, filming starts June 8th with some familiar names in the writers' room, and some other familiar-yet-dead faces showing up in one way or another.

Speaking of dead people, you may be able to see (sort of) some of your favorite deceased comedians perform again soon.

Smartphone pizza app saves hostage's life. Held hostage and need help (and food)? There's an app for th… oh forget it.

The Hamburglar is back. Something tells me he's not going to be thrilled about this kale business.

Man sues after hospital tosses his amputated leg in the trash. No word on whether he had the diabeetus.


Boba Fett is getting his own movie.

Nintendo is building attractions at Universal theme parks. No word on whether you can punch open the doors. However, Nintendo is finally joining the 21st Century and releasing games for smartphones.

Freakish head/body transplant "science" experiments through the years.

Speaking of diabeetus… way to go, KFC.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Peachtree Dish
  • Go A-Head