NerdBurger 113 - Ding Fodder

This week Ando returns with AndoCon news, Craig shares MomoCon news, Mike has NoCon news, but they all discuss X-Files, Simpsons, Star Wars, bad tattoo, and Japanese game show news. Also, Ando talks RPGs and Craig unboxes his copy of Chaosmos live!

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And for all you who didn't get in on the Kickstarter action, go buy Chaosmos NOW!

New episodes of The X-Files premiere next January 24th.

3D printers still to expensive? Now you too can mold your own plastic products at home with Haplafreely. No, I didn't just type random letters.

Harry Shearer is leaving the Simpsons. No, Harry Shearer is just confused…? No, Harry Shearer is freaking bananas.

Star Wars pop-up restaurant to open at Disney. What's a pop-up restaurant? Listen to the show.

Guy sneezes out toy suction cup after 44 years in his nose, doesn't appreciate it.

Japanese girls try to make each other eat a dead bug. For fun, I guess.

This week's alternated episode titles were:

  • Ando Insta-Laugh Button
  • Temple of Diabeetus