NerdBurger 114 - Where's My Trophy?

This week Curt returns to talk Google, X-Files, Catan maps, Florida Man, Twin Peaks, half-brains, royal Cylons & hippie robots, and paying for AOL. Also, missing letters of the alphabet and Letterman memories! Hey, wouldya like to buy a monkey?

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Randy Quaid looks as crazy as he is.

C.G.B. "CSM" Spender will be in at least one new X-Files episode next year.

BBC election coverage inspires British Isles map for Settlers of Catan.

And now for some of the negative effects of crystal meth...

David Lynch will in fact be involved with Showtime's Twin Peaks reboot.

Teenager goes to prom and graduates with only half a brain. No really, it's a good thing. No word on what's filling that empty space, or whether she can still play the piano.

Scientists have figured out how to make mouse brains repair themselves.

Read this to find out why we will all eventually be killed by Cylons.

Read this to find out why hippies will be the ones responsible for us all getting killed by Cylons.

Old people (we're assuming) still pay for AOL dialup service.

As heard on NerdBurger: omitted alphabet letters 27-38.

Good night, Dave.

This week's alternate episode title was:

  • All the Positive Effects of Crystal Meth