NerdBurger 126 - Live From AndoCon 2015!

This week - live from AndoCon 2015 - Craig, Mike & Ando welcome a room full of guests to talk gaming, gamers, & the games they play. Also, movie, fast food, & science news, audience participation, and host pandering. Plus, we raffle off some stuff!

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Many thanks again to The Ando for allowing us to allow him to find all of our awesome guests so that the show could be a spectacular cavalcade of us doing less work than usual! And start planning now because next year's AndoCon is only SEVEN MONTHS away, March 11-13 at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center!

Thanks also to our official sponsor, New World Alchemy! Go there and order yourself a copy of Addictive Alchemy, as raffled-off on the show.

And special thanks to Alison Bridges from 20th Century Fox for hanging out with us and donating free passes to Hitman: Agent 47!

When there's a NerdBurger AndoCon prize raffle, everyone's a winner! Just kidding, there were only 2 winners. Congrats to Carl and Jen!

And be sure to visit the Intarweb-homes of (some) of our guests from this episode:

Sean Patrick Fannon - Evil Beagle Games

Alison Bridges - 20th Century Fox / Hitman: Agent 47

Jevocas "Java" Green - Atlanta Vampire Movie and Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor

Joe Anderson - Untitled Superman Project

Chris Miller - Ankur Kingdom of the Gods

Jen Pawley - The Geek Forge

Josh Lewis (AKA The Josh)

Yancey Larochelle-Williams

Dave Lupo - New World Alchemy

Michael "Loud Guy" Williams

Sesame Street is going Pay-TV.

There's going to be a new D&D movie. Let's hope this one's good.

Awesome teen takes even awesomer senior photos at Taco Bell.

Fantastic Four is, well...

Smart people are smart JUST BECAUSE, study says.

And then humanity was destroyed by super-intelligent mice. The End.

Speaking of the apocalypse, China exploded. Part of it, anyway. This is the best video I could find - for no other reason than this guy, despite being closer to the blast than almost every other yahoo that shot a cellphone video that night, somehow managed to hold his phone still while being pummeled by the shockwaves (albeit before running for his life and screaming). Kudos to you, sir. Sort of. Also, totally NSFW:

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Soft and Fluffy on Your Butt
  • Virgin-ing
  • Apologies to 20th Century Fox