NerdBurger 127 - Science of the Lambs

This week Michael returns to get serious and discuss the pressing topics affecting our world community, but Craig & Mike don't let him. Instead, they talk Star Wars, Goonies, Fifth Element, robots, cow poop, the Ashley Madison leak, and head transplants!

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Amazon's office sounds a lot like Craig's soon to be Kickstarted game Murders & Acquisitions, but without all the homicide (we assume).

Hey look, it's Luke!

Years-long marketing stunt involves moon, powdered beverage.

Netflix gives you 130 more hours per year to waste and regret on your deathbed.

Owners of the Walsh's house from Goonies don't want you bothering them anymore. Until they realize how much money they could have made by charging for tours, in which case see you all in 10 years for the 40th anniversary. Would you like a photo to commemorate your visit? That'll be $20.

It puts the down payment in the basket, or it gets the PMI again. Or something.

Speaking of credit checks, it might soon be time to purge your FB friends.

Who uses which emoji? Spolier: Maine uses the volcano, because HOLY CRAP!

Guns and alcohol, because 'Merica!

Honey, the lawnmower's becoming sentient again!

And in actual disturbing robot news...

The UK gives the finger to dogs.

Poop farm powers 1000 homes.

No, the BODY transplant is not going to work.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • He Thirsts For Power
  • Trashley Sadison
  • The Pretend Real News Show