NerdBurger 138 - Pre Show Warmup

This week Michael returns to watch Mars eat Phobos, not subscribe to CBS All Access, see the glow from a parallel universe, suck a microbe's cytoplasm, charge an electric car, and have his wrestling opinions validated. Also, Star Wars and Darth Vader!

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Mars is making a slow meal out of its artificial alien base, er I mean, moon.

The new Star Trek series is going to cost you 6 bucks a month to watch. "You" being Trekkies, not any of us.

Dammit, Walter.

It's just a VR headset, Facebook. Stop trying to be cute.

Are vampire microbes all goth, or does fashion not translate at the cellular level?

Tesla. Faraday. Edison. Westinghouse. Cars or inventors? You be the judge.

Loud Guy was RIGHT!

As heard on NerdBurger, it's Ready Player One.

YouTube presents: Train Wrecks From The Seventies, Part 37 - Paul Lynde's Halloween Special.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Death Poop
  • A Podcast of Lies
  • Put the Pudding in the Pop