NerdBurger 140 - Ten Dollar Perm

This week Michael returns to talk big laptops, the Apple Samurai, more AMC zombies, Fairphone, ISIS at WWE, and emoji as words. Plus Craig brings Pilgrim facts & explains his "list", and Michael tells us all about streaming services & Bob Ross on Twitch!

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Mark this on your calendars, folks: Craig will be on the Altered Confusion Thursday Night Hangout on Dec 3rd at 8PM EST to talk about Murders & Acquisitions. He’ll be premiering the book’s front cover, discussing the artwork and graphic design in general, and taking questions.

Gotta big lap? Getta big laptop!

Apple Pay is about to get huge, but the idiot who wrote this article has apparently never heard of Apple before so take everything he ever writes with a Gibraltar-sized grain of salt.

Speaking of Apple, this happened.

Comcast actually fixed something. And yes, those are pigs flying outside your window!

AMC can't stop making zombie shows.

Tired of thin phones with bold industrial design that someone else will fix for you for free under warranty? The Fairphone 2 is for you!

Pictures are words now. What did we day about pigs flying…?

The real reason the pilgrims left England and came to America. Happy Thanksgiving!

And be sure to check out Bob Ross Mondays on Twitch. Every Monday!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Your Torso on the Internet
  • How Big is Your Lap?
  • Craig's List