NerdBurger 141 - Gonna Be a Good Time

This week Josh returns to review Fallout 4 and discuss it's effect on PornHub, as well as other video game news, douchebag George Lucas, Betamax, pro tablets, gum & mortar, ROUS, and stuff on Netflix. Plus, see Craig tomorrow night on Altered Confusion!

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Be there or be acquired and possibly murdered (just kidding): Craig will be on the Altered Confusion Thursday Night Hangout tomorrow, Dec 3rd at 8PM EST, to talk about Murders & Acquisitions. He’ll be premiering the book’s front cover, discussing the artwork and graphic design in general, and taking questions. It's "Thursday" Night Hangout, so it's not on opposite Bob Ross and you have no excuse.

This explains the graph above. Or just understand that gamers are human.

George Lucas is "done" with Star Wars. And by "done" he means still really bitter and pissed off.

Sony still makes Beta tapes?!? Um, yes. Buy them here while you can.

Microsoft makes a giant tablet with a stylus and a keyboard case. Apple makes a slightly gianter tablet with a stylus and a keyboard case. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Seattle gum wall won't be sticking around much longer (oh yes I did).

Big rats are a thing of the past. Bring back big rats! Bring back big ra… wait, no. Don't do that.

Elephants have been watching elephant cartoons and learning things.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • MathBurger
  • Roucherag
  • Rat News