NerdBurger 148 - Tailored to Your Expertise

This week Larry returns to talk bone foam, cow clones, Carrie Fisher, Ham Dog, pizza math, Star Wars (SPOILERS!), Netflix searching, and James Corden. Plus, the guys discuss what they've been watching on TV and play a brand new game show!

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"Where can I stick this…?"

"Where can I stick this…?"

Scientists create injectable bone foam. There's your penis joke, Andy.

Mad scientist plans to clone (hopefully not mad) cows.

Ham-Dog trolls millions on Facebook, many more millions are amused at their ignorance and gullibility (I didn't say "stupidity"!).

The Mary Hart thing was real, but only affected one real person who was not Cosmo Kramer.

Mathematicians have too much time on their hands.

Even though it's Samsung, if ordering groceries from my fridge gives me one less reason to leave the house I'm all for it. I'll just wait for a less murdery company to copy the design.

More Star Wars! More Obi-Wan!!! Whether he's somebody's bumpa or not.

Completely-searchable Netflix is now possible in your web browser. Now bring it to my TV!!!

If you liked the "loose stools" bit, you can listen to the whole thing, along with 30-or-so YEARS worth of other equally awesome material, from the Bob and Brian Show here. "My Face Tube" is the one we talked about, but most of them are still available on CD if you are an old fart like us. Or buy the downloads. Preferably both. Whichever. Now, where's my beach towel?!?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hello Filbert
  • They Can't All Be Gems
  • Stick It!