NerdBurger 150 - Cheese Dealin'

This week Curt returns again to make a final Abe Vigoda check, count our fingers & toes, laugh at Ohio Man & Jay Cutler, exploit some tigers & goats, and fail to pay for a natural product. Plus, Curt reveiws Making a Murderer & Craig finds new Star Trek!

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Abe Vigoda has died. No, really. It may actually shock you to learn that these actors are still alive.

Polydactyl carpenter suffers from FOLED: Fear of losing extra digits.

Ohio man flees to Florida, becomes "Ohio Man".

Jay Cutler can't even catch a break in an old lady's obituary. If only he could somehow both throw that break and simultaneously intercept it...

Speaking of obituaries...

New possible cure for aging involves smoking. Just kidding. Or are we...?

Months-long dysfunctional friendship between a Siberian Tiger and it's dinner finally ends.

Multiple cheese thefts?!? Gee, where could that have happened?

Morgue employee has sex with multiple, um, "customers"... gets PREGNANT, arrested. Wow.

And as heard on The NerdBurger Show, here's the first episode of Star Trek Continues. Beam me up, Scotty('s son)!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Zsa Zsa is Still Kicking
  • Pie for People
  • I Banged A Dead Guy And All I Got Was This Lousy Fetus