NerdBurger 176 - Gettin' Comfy

This week Lisa returns to talk dead technology, living skydivers, Marvel's Captain Marvel, elephant aim, Ser Bronn of the Black Mirror, drone delivery, & Morley through the years. Plus, Lisa reviews the new Ghostbusters & shares some facts from the first!

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Your library of VHS tapes just became garbage.

The guy who skydived without a parachute landed in a comically large net.

Marvel's Captain Marvel will be Larson's Brie Larson, assuming at least one of her parents' last names is Larson. If not, it will just be Brie Larson.

Elephants have high enough dexterity to kill with ranged attacks.

Can't wait for season 7 of Game of Thrones? One of the secondary actors will be in one episode of Black Mirror.

It could just be a coincidence, or Brexit equals Amazon drone delivery.

Ever wonder what TV's Morley cigarettes taste like? The answer is any other brand that you want, because the $26 pack is empty. It makes One-Eyed Willy's map seem like a deal.

And As Heard on NerdBurger™, it's 24 fun facts about Ghostbusters!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Marvel's Charts and Graphs
  • Pillsbury Bed in a Tube
  • Maximizing Chris Penis