NerdBurger 178 - Thank You, Shirley

This week Ando returns to talk AndoCon, Lando (no relation), mad scientists, robot medicine, redneck news, and salty Olympic commentary. Also, Ando discovers the joys of Community, and takes on Mike in another installment of "Where Can I Stick This?"!

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Lando Calrissian will be in the Young Han Solo movie, and he might be doing a fun segment during the credits called "Han and Lando in the Morning".

Everyone's favorite wacky gene editor, CRISPR, will be tackling lung cancer soon.

Everyone's favorite wacky Italian neurosurgeon has set a date for the first head/body transplant, which like all Star Wars movies going forward will be delayed by several months.

Sharknado: The Board Game still needs your help on Kickstarter.

"Swallowing the surgeon" will soon refer to something other than a sex move. Sorry, Sergio.

A naked man and woman driving through the neighborhood on a riding lawnmower? No, it's not Florida!

A man and woman who involve the police because they can't take a joke at a hibachi restaurant? Also, not Florida.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Naked Meth Mower
  • Determined Face
  • Making it Weird