NerdBurger 179 - Slobbin' it Up

This week Larry returns to slob it up and talk cockroaches, turtles, sushi robots, donkey whisperers, Zika for everyone, and stories from the Olympics and the Internet. Also, Larry shares more Yelp reviews, and a story about a very special robot.

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Excuse me sir, but your hamburger has feet and is moving.

"Pre-made sushi assembly robots". There, fixed that for you.

Who knew asses had so much to say?

At this point it's safe to assume that Zika will probably cause the zombie apocalypse.

Olympic runner forgets she's in a competition and gets rewarded.

Apparently, people really like the Internet even when they don't.

And As Heard On NerdBurger, it's Real Actors Read Yelp at Chuck E. Cheese and <name redacted because HE GOT STABBED THERE>

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Bugs Are Crawling on You
  • The Triscuit Crew
  • M.C. Chuck E.