NerdBurger 181 - An Interesting Statistic

This week Ray returns to talk dead celebrities, SETI, our new asteroid, porn-lock, Samsung on fire, and construction-protesting elves. Plus, Ray investigates modern online dating, and finds his way home from a Pokemon-infested park without GPS!

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RIP, Willy Wonka.

In Russia, SETI signals you!

That's no moon... it's a "quasi-satellite".

We're trademarking PornLock™ if nobody else has.

Are you excited about the new iPhones in about an hour? If those are too new for you, the year-old iPhone is still faster than the brand new Samsung Note 7. It's also still available for sale and won't explode in your face, unlike the brand new Samsung Note 7.

Iceland has to route their construction projects around elves.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Ray's New Home
  • Chevy Vagabond
  • Optimal Sleepage